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Customised Packages for your business needs

Our Conversational AI Solutions come in three comprehensive packages, each designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

The classic and efficient solution for businesses with a substantial set of FAQs. Our FAQ Chat Bot is trained specifically on your FAQs to deliver precise answers to common customer inquiries. It's perfect for simple customer service scenarios.
FAQ Bot Features
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A step up in sophistication, this package offers a more advanced and versatile AI agent. It can be integrated into any platform and trained on diverse datasets, including content from your website. The AI agent engages naturally with users, providing personalised interactions and guiding them towards your business goals
Conversational Bot Features
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The pinnacle of our offerings, this package includes everything in Package 02, with added functionalities for custom actions within the chat. This AI agent can perform specialized tasks like lead generation, capturing user information, and connecting with APIs. Integration with platforms like or Zapier allows seamless connectivity with various software systems.
AI Agent Features
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